Meet Our Team

Dr. Trevor Harbrow

Dr. Trevor Harbrow - Chiropractor

Graduate of the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Trevor started his chiropractic journey after watching his father make an extraordinary recovery from a severe back injury. Shortly after, Trevor became a chiropractic patient for a shoulder problem and discovered how spinal dysfunction compromises health and well being. He decided to change his career, mid-life, and devote 5 years of full time study to become a Chiropractor. Trevor has had over 30 years in business, and has previously been a successful owner and operator of a number of businesses in the food, hospitality and martial arts fields. This diversity allows him to use his life skills to good effect when interacting with people from all walks of life in his practice, making them feel relaxed and fully informed. When he is not in his Practice Trevor is the Head of Department running the Chiropractic Centre at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Trevor lives in St Heliers, Auckland with his wife, Anne, and 2 children, Caitlin and Alex, and owns and operates Harbrow Family Chiropractic. He loves the great outdoors, especially fishing and boating. He also has 25 years experience in teaching the martial art of Taekwon-Do and holds grades in Judo and Karate.

Anne Harbrow

Anne Harbrow - Practice Manager

Raised in St Heliers, Anne has been involved in a number of local clubs and organisations in the Eastern Bays. Anne's schooling was in Epsom, and tertiary education in Business, Admin and Sales in both Auckland and Waikato. She has worked in similar roles in the corporate and hospitality industries. Anne enjoys first and foremost her family, relaxing holidays, socialising with friends equestian and boating. She has instructed children in Taekwon-Do where she holds the rank of 1st dan Black Belt. Anne is married to Trevor (Dr. Harbrow) and they have two beautiful children, Caitlin and Alex, who continuously amaze and delight them. Chiropractic played such an incredibly important part in the health and well being of their family and that is their reason for choosing this as their profession. Anne's role as Practice Manager is to make sure the office is running smoothly.